Animal Crossing New Leaf Eye Guide

3 June 2020

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, the player can change their eye shading utilizing contact eye color. The choice is made accessible through Harriet in Shampoodle when it has been open for 14 days and the player had, at any rate, one hairstyle. In this way, see underneath the Animal Crossing New Leaf Eye Guide...

Like getting a hairstyle, the player is posed a progression of inquiries that decide the shading and will be charged 3,000 chimes. When the player has paid the ringers, they can't drop the shading change. Eye shading change is accessible just in the player's own town and the entryways must be shut. You can't change your eye shading on the off chance that you previously got a hairstyle that equivalent day.

Shading Guide:

So as to get the ideal shading, the player must pick answers characterizing the outcome. The guide underneath shows the various hues accessible.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Eye Guide:

Your character's eye shading in Animal Crossing: New Leaf can be changed at the Shampoodle salon fourteen days after first changing your haircut. The shade of the gets in touch with you get is reliant on how you answer Harriet's inquiries.

This outline will tell the best way to address those inquiries to get the eye shading that you need, beginning with the inquiry where she poses to what leaves the greatest impact on you. This guide utilizes the specific wording of the English language variants. You can likewise look at my New Leaf Hair Guide.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Eye Color Chart:

  • The vast sky- Pitch black
  • The vast sky- A clear, blue sky
  • The vast sky- Like rain was coming
  • The large trees- Their abundant leaves.
  • The large trees- Their sturdy trunks.
  • The large trees- Their endless shade.
  • The endless ocean- A tropical, blue ocean.
  • The endless ocean- A cold, wintry ocean.
  • The endless ocean- An ocean of coral.